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No Internet Access Through A PIX 501


I have a Cisco 831 and wanted to replace it with a PIX 501, but I can’t get any activity through the outside interface on the 501. It is a Static DSL line, and I have the 831 configured the same way, but I can’t access the internet with the 501, but I can get access from the 831. The DSL modem is dumb and only has bridge capabilities. It should be straight forward but for some reason it’s turning out to be a real pain. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Norm


Re: No Internet Access Through A PIX 501

It's probably worth posting the configuration of the PIX. At a minimum you will need a permit ACL and this applied to both the inside & outside interfaces:

access-list allow-all-traffic permit ip any any


access-group allow-all-traffic in interface inside

access-group allow-all-traffic in interface outside



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Re: No Internet Access Through A PIX 501

Sorry….I disconnected it and set up the 831, but I do remember the configuration and currently the access list allows all traffic on both interfaces. I’ve worked with the 501 in the past, but never ran into a problem like this. Originally I thought it was a hardware issue, and I returned the firewall to my vender and replaced it with a new one, but I have the same exact issue.

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