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Not able to fetch some network switches data in LMS 4.0

Hi Experts,

 we have LMS 4.0 and we found one problem that some network switches data are not able to fetch with LMS.

what could be the reason to happen this type of problem?

please assist with best solution to resolve this issue..


Suhas B.

Cisco Employee

Suhas,Please clarify on what


Please clarify on what do you refer with - "data"?

As LMS can fetch various details from Devices, like Configuration, Inventory, Syslog's, End host information, Software code etc, so you need to be specific on what is missing.

If it is configuration from the switches - Each failure can be unique per device. Like one device may fail due to one problem and second may fail for other.

Please run a sync archive job for one of the failing device and share the screenshots for failure reason as well dcmaservice.log from the server (from $NMSROOT\log directory).

Also, it is important to know if other features for the same device work fine - like Inventory, Endhost collection etc.



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Community Member

 Hi vinod,Thanks for your


Hi vinod,

Thanks for your valuable reply....

we are faceing the problem with configuration in my network some cisco 2960 switches are not fatching ther configuration with LMS i dont understand that is problem could LMS configuration or SNMP configuration on switch whic is send data to LMS...

i will share the screen shot as well log file on server what you required



Community Member

Hi, I am facing below problem



I am facing below problem


Config Archival Status

No. of Devices

 Partially Successful0
 Configuration Never Collected1338


So I look up a device in the Device Center, here is its Reachability Status:

SNMPv1 Read Success
SNMPv2c Read Success
SNMPv1 Write Failed
SNMPv2c Write Failed
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