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New Member

Not able to update value for rttMonEchoAdminTargetAddress object in some devices

Hi , 

I am able to create new  ICMP echo IP SLA test using SNMP Set requests , but when I try to update the target address of the created test I am getting the below error 


snmpset -v2c -c password IP .   x  "8A 2A 5E A5"

Error in packet.

Reason: inconsistentValue (The set value is illegal or unsupported in some way)

Failed object: SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.


Above error is seen in the 7606  device running IOS Version 12.2(33)SRC6, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)


In 7505 device running  IOS  Version 12.4(10a), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)  , I am able to update the rttMonEchoAdminTargetAddress object.


What could be the problem ? Could some one help.





Cisco Employee

TO configure the entire IP

TO configure the entire IP SLA config you need to start with row creation. If there is an prior entry recreating requires to destroy the entry and start over.

Please share all the commands which you're trying to set. If you are trying to set only this value, it may be an issue.

Following is an example to config an IP SLA operation :

rttMonCtrlAdminStatus.$101 -i 4  \
rttMonCtrlAdminRttType.$101 -i 9 \
rttMonCtrlAdminFrequency.$101 -i 90 \
rttMonCtrlAdminNvgen.$101 -i 1 \
rttMonEchoAdminProtocol.$101 -i 27 \
rttMonEchoAdminTargetAddress.$101 -o "0A 0A 0A 01" \
rttMonEchoAdminTargetPort.$101 -i $port \
rttMonScheduleAdminRttLife.$101 -i 60 \
rttMonScheduleAdminConceptRowAgeout.$101 -i 30 \
rttMonScheduleAdminRttStartTime.$101 -t 1



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New Member

My requirement is to update

My requirement is to update the existing test with new target address , as the other values remain same. This updation is working in  7505 device running  IOS  Version 12.4(10a), but getting an error in 606  device running IOS Version 12.2(33)SRC6. 

The permission of rttMonEchoAdminTargetAddress  is read-create , so one can set value on this object . This set is failing on some devices .




Cisco Employee

Do you have any operation

Do you have any operation configured # "19088"? Do you see any output with show ip sla statistics 19088?



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New Member

Yes , I have configured , #sh

Yes , I have configured , 

#sh ip sla statistics 19088

Round Trip Time (RTT) for       Index 19088
        Latest RTT: Unknown
Latest operation return code: Unknown
Latest operation start time: Unknown
Number of successes: 1
Number of failures: 0
Operation time to live: 0

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