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NTP Configuration on Cisco Switches


could you help me configuring NTP time sync on a Cisco Switch? What I want to do is basic. Today I've succeeded to get the time from the NTP Server, but the switch is getting the time every minute.

What is the command to increase that interval, for example to once a day?

Thanks a lot

Jorge Sousa

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Re: NTP Configuration on Cisco Switches


I am not sure that it is possible to configure NTP to get time just once a day. When NTP is running it gets time more frequently when it starts, and as it has correct time and stabilizes it lengthens the interval before it checks again. But I do not think that you can control directly the interval (and I do not think that it ever gets to the point where it does it once a day).



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Re: NTP Configuration on Cisco Switches

An RFC-compliant (RFC 1905) NTP implementation should have a poll interval ranging from 64 to 1024 seconds (ref: ).

If it were any longer than that, the protocol mechanism couldn't achieve the accuracy that it is designed to impart to the served host. The protocol is designed to dynamically adjust the poll rate depending on the accuracy of the receive data, with a range that will both guarantee accuracy and minimize network load.

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Re: NTP Configuration on Cisco Switches

Another thing to watch is that if the time on the switch is too far out from the NTP source, it won't sync at all. You need to manually set the clock on the device close to time on the NTP server.

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