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OID for extended PING

I need the OID that can emulate and extended PING from a router.

ex. ping source loopback1

Otherwise, how can this be accomplished from an NMS prospective.


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Re: OID for extended PING

Is not possible at this point, the only MIB for ?ping? features is CISCO-PING-MIB and it does not contain any OID allowing an extended ping.

You can check it by yourself at:


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Re: OID for extended PING

awesome info, thanks alot.. I was just researching this exact thing

Cisco Employee

Re: OID for extended PING

Have a look at this link:

This gives some info on using SNMP to perform pings, and some configurable parameters. The CISCO-PING-MIB cannot do

remote ping using another source, but IT IS possible with another MIB.

You can try to use this CISCO-RTTMON-MIB which is only supported in the newer 12.1 and 12.2 IOS versions (and later):

Pay attention to:

RttMonEchoAdminEntry ::= SEQUENCE


rttMonEchoAdminProtocol RttMonProtocol,

rttMonEchoAdminTargetAddress RttMonTargetAddress,

rttMonEchoAdminPktDataRequestSize Integer32,

rttMonEchoAdminPktDataResponseSize Integer32,

rttMonEchoAdminTargetPort Integer32,

rttMonEchoAdminSourceAddress RttMonTargetAddress,

rttMonEchoAdminSourcePort Integer32,

rttMonEchoAdminControlEnable TruthValue,

rttMonEchoAdminTOS Integer32,

rttMonEchoAdminLSREnable TruthValue,

rttMonEchoAdminTargetAddressString DisplayString,

rttMonEchoAdminNameServer RttMonTargetAddress,

rttMonEchoAdminOperation RttMonOperation,

rttMonEchoAdminHTTPVersion DisplayString,

rttMonEchoAdminURL DisplayString,

rttMonEchoAdminCache TruthValue,

rttMonEchoAdminInterval Integer32,

rttMonEchoAdminNumPackets Integer32,

rttMonEchoAdminProxy DisplayString,

rttMonEchoAdminString1 DisplayString,

rttMonEchoAdminString2 DisplayString,

rttMonEchoAdminString3 DisplayString,

rttMonEchoAdminString4 DisplayString,

rttMonEchoAdminString5 DisplayString,

rttMonEchoAdminMode RttMonOperation,

rttMonEchoAdminVrfName OCTET STRING,

rttMonEchoAdminCodecType RttMonCodecType,

rttMonEchoAdminCodecInterval Integer32,

rttMonEchoAdminCodecPayload Integer32,

rttMonEchoAdminCodecNumPackets Integer32,

rttMonEchoAdminICPIFAdvFactor Integer32


This allows you to specify both source and target IP addresses as you can do via the CLI. However, building this table via SNMP can be a lot of work.

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Re: OID for extended PING

Thanks a lot for your help.... this is excatly what I was looking for! You are Da'MAN!

I know there are a lot of things can't be done (and easy to say as such), but if you take the time to think about it... a lot more things can be done.

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Re: OID for extended PING

This same question was made by hadbihas in TAC case 604291095 at the same time it was posted here.

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