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New Member

OID's required

I need to get OID for the following items for Cisco 7206 Routers, 6500,4500,4000 Series Switches and 515 E Firewall for the following features:

1. Power Unit Status

2. CPU Utilization (One Minute/ five minute average)

3. Memory

4. Temperature

5. Interface Status

Where to get these ?




Re: OID's required

Check out this link

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Cisco Employee

Re: OID's required

Have a look at these MIB's specifically:

1. Power Unit Status - CISCO-STACK-MIB, CISCO-ENVMON-MIB, ENTITY-MIB and ENTITY-FRU-CTRL-MIB ex) ciscoEnvMonVoltageStatusTable

for IOS and chassisPs1Status for CatOS

2. CPU Utilization (One Minute/ five minute average) - CISCO-PROCESS-MIB ex) cpmCPUTotal5sec

3. Memory - CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB ex) ciscoMemoryPoolTable


5. Interface Status - IF-MIB and CISCO-STACK-MIB

Once you find the objects you want you can translate from name to number at:

Re: OID's required

All of the Cisco MIBS are available in

Open the MIBs in a text editor and read through some of the descriptions - they are actually quite useful for determining what the MIB does and how to use it.

1. For power supply status take a look at the CISCO-ENVMON-MIB MIB. Querying

ciscoEnvMonSupplyState.1 (., for example will give you that status (normal, etc) of power supply 1.

2. For CPU status look at CISCO-PROCESS-MIB. For example querying cpmCPUTotal1minRev.1

(. returns the overall CPU busy percentage in the last one minute on the first CPU. Similarly, querying cpmCPUTotal5minRev.1 gives you the same data for a five minute period.

3. Various bits of memory related information is also available via CISCO-PROCESS-MIB.

4. Temperature information is available in the CISCO-ENVMON-MIB MIB.

5. Basic interface status information is available via RFC1213-MIB. Look at the ifTable object for a table of information.

Many MIBs define Table objects which provide lots of useful data in a tabular form. For example querying ifTable in RFC1213-MIB returns as table of interfaces with information such as a interface description, speed, physical address, admin status, operational status, in and out octets etc.

The most useful way I have found to query a MIB table object is using the Net-SNMP [1] snmptable utility as follows (on a unix machine):

snmptable -M /usr/share/snmp/mibs -m ALL -v 1 -c public ifTable | less -S