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OIDs for various alarms


I am looking for information on OIDs for various alarms that are generated by Cisco devices router, switches and access points. Are the OID's standard for all devices for same kind of alarm? For eg is an OID for a power supply failure same for Cisco router, Cisco switch and Cisco AP? Can you provide me some document to refer to have some understanding on this? Also if there is standard list of OID's for various alarms and events, can you provide me with the same.

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Re: OIDs for various alarms

You can use the MIB Locator tool at to find out which MIBs are supported in which images (note: for non-IOS images, there are support list links from the same page). Once you know what MIBs are supported, you can browse through those MIBs using the Object Navigator ( or the SNMP Search & Translate tool at to figure out which traps or notifications are supported in each MIB.

Unfortunately, there is no short or easy answer to your question as different versions and feature sets support different MIBs, and thus different notifications. Also, just because a MIB is supported by a certain device does not mean all of the notifications in that MIB will be supported. For example, you mention a power supply failure. Not all devices have the necessary hardware to report such a failure. APs generally have only one power supply. So if that fails, the device will not be able to send a notification.

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