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Opsware NAS


Have any of you used Opsware Network Automation System?

What are your impressions?

What are the prices?


Cisco Employee

Re: Opsware NAS


Favorable. :)

It's a fairly expensive product.

You may have noted that Cisco and Opsware announced an OEM agreement earlier this year. Expect to see some product offerings from us soon.

Please note this doesn't mean that CiscoWorks RME is going away. (I've been hearing a lot of that - it's not going away).

Essentially any time you get into this broader multi-vendor, compliance and configuration management tools you're going to be spending a good chunk of change. This is regardless if you're talking Opsware NAS (formerly Rendition), Voyence or Alterpoint solutions.

On average we're seeing retail prices of around $100-200 per device.

Again, these are not Cisco prices, these are what the Opsware, Voyence, Alterpoint providers are delivering to the market.

With that in mind, if you are looking for these types of solutions and need to manage about 1,000 routers/switches, don't be surprised to see a $100,000 to $200,000 price-tag.


Re: Opsware NAS

IIRC, when we looked at a RenditionNetworks offering two years ago, the product required manual user input on the destination storage device(s) (e.g. flash:, disk0:, disk1:...) for Cisco device OS upgrade, whereas CiscoWorks automatically figures out what storage devices are available on each router/switch.


Re: Opsware NAS

Make that, almost every router/switch, provided it's not too new or too old.

If you have to do this for every device then you should get rid of the product, as the vendor has seriously missed something. If you have to do this once for every device type, then that is no big deal.

Ciscoworks doesn't figure things out, I wish it did. It has a (supported) device list, a so called package for each type of device that describes these sort of device specific things.


Cisco Employee

Re: Opsware NAS

Would you care to elaborate on what your concerns are?

If there's a deficiency I'd rather take it back to the business unit that develops the software.

Considering the hundreds of device types and assorted transport protocols that are available, I think RME SWIM does a decent job. Yes, I may be biased because I work at Cisco, but I also see a lot of accounts, so I have a fairly broad perspective.


Re: Opsware NAS

I was merely stating that older and newer devices, even when there are using the standard mibs for config and image management may not be supported.

Ciscoworks doesn't try anything either.

If I was able to make the packages that describe the methods for ciscoworks to use I could resolve this.

Or even better if these packages became human readable text files it would help.

But I do agree that for the supported devices things work quite well.

Only when it fails (in config management) it can be very difficult to notice that it fails, and to see why it fails.

send me a mail on mh at didata dot be if you want to discuss the details of this.



Cisco Employee

Re: Opsware NAS


Yes, I'd say CiscoWorks RME still has a stronger story for Software Image Management.

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