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Options configured when Backing Up Client Applications with VMS


I have a question regarding a configurable option when specifying preferences for Client Application backup on VMS.

There is a field where you can "Limit Occurrences" of the backup. I find this a bit strange as I can not understand why you would want to limit the occurences of the backup.

I, for example want to back up the database weekly, every week, for ever so I have set the backup to start on a specific day and then specified that it should repeat every 7 days. I have then set the "Limit Occurrences" option to "2600" which if I understand correctly will allow the backup to take place every week for the next 50 years (2600 / 52). I believe that you can not set this value to 0.

It seems a bit strange that I should need to configure this option in this way so I am wondering if I am misinterpreting the functionality of this option.

Any advice will be appreciated.


Re: Options configured when Backing Up Client Applications with

Limit Occurrences enables you to limit the number of times a backup operation is repeated. This option can only be used if the Immediate check box is deselected.

Note Entering 1 in both the Repeat After and Frequency fields causes the database backup to occur only once at the scheduled date and time.

This value should be a number from 1 to 999999999, (for example, 15).

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