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OWA and RPC Access Drops

I have A Cisco 877 Router with all ports forwarded to the correct IPs.

For some reason external users are having issues connecting either with OWA or RPC over HTTP.

The user connects fine and sends/receives emails then for no reason at all he sudenly cannot connect (RPC) or the page is not fully displayed (OWA). If we do nothing the connection comes back after around 3-4 hours. If we reboot the router everyhing connects fine.

During the connection loss the user can still access our FTP site which is also port forwarded via the router.

Any ideas on this would be more than helpful.


Re: OWA and RPC Access Drops

The following example causes the software to start deleting half-open sessions when the number of existing half-open sessions rises above 900, and to stop deleting half-open sessions when the number drops below 800:

ip inspect max-incomplete high 900

ip inspect max-incomplete low 800

New Member

Re: OWA and RPC Access Drops

Is there anyway I can see the session status, as I am trying to see where the issue is arising from.

Also other than rebooting the Router is there a way to just close the session and then allow the OWA user through again.

Many thanks

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