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Pb with SSH process after IOS upgrade on C3750G-12S


I've just upgraded one of our catalysts 3750G-12S with new IOS version : c3750-advipservicesk9-mz.122-46.SE.bin

The old one was c3750-advipservicesk9-mz.122-37.SE1.bin (we had a problem with radius attribute 32 on this version ).

I've used used following command to upgrade the switch:

archive download-sw /overwrite /imageonly tftp://@IP-Workstation/c3750-advipservicesk9-tar.122-46.SE.tar

But now we encountered problem with SSH management session, indeed the response time is very very low .

In the same way, the network response time of the equipment is very good (less than 1 ms from the LAN) and the response time through Telnet connection is also very good , so the impact is only for SSH connection on vty line. On the log I've found following error message :

Jan 27 14:57:33: %SCHED-3-THRASHING: Process thrashing on watched message event. -Process= "SSH Process", ipl= 6, pid= 107
-Traceback= D79168 D798B4 15D02CC 15D0654 17E04EC 17E0F78 17E19D4 17E250C 17E25E0 19C424 19C688 196AF4 197498 1979E8 197C60 D74D00

I didn't find any usefull documents about this issue on Internet except one which said to use command "archive download-sw" to upgrade the switch to avoid above error message, but with no success.

For information we are using Putty software (release 0.58) to connect to the catalysts with Telnet or SSH.

Can you please help us ?


Maxime Deparis

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Re: Pb with SSH process after IOS upgrade on C3750G-12S

Looks like the permanent solution requires you to either downgrade or upgrade the IOS. In the meantime, there's a temporary workaround of " clear tcp tcb * " to relieve the sluggishness, mentioned in the following bug description:

Re: Pb with SSH process after IOS upgrade on C3750G-12S


Thanks for the feedback, in the meanwhile I've changed the SSH configuration on the catalyst : upgrade SSH v1 to v2 and now it's working as expected !

I've no more error messages with SSH process.


Maxime Deparis

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