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PI 1.3 upgrade to 2.1 license issue



I've upgraded a PI 1.3 installation to PI 2.1 using the migration method (taking an application backup, creating a new VM using the 2.1 VA of proper size, doing the basic configuration to replicate that of the old machine and finally restoring the application backup). According to the docs, that should have been it - licenses should have been migrated to the new VUDI and version. Technically, the upgrade went very well, but I'm left with no licenses ("None Detected" and I'm on EVAL now). The TAC case opened didn't lead to anything yet, so I'm querying the forum as to what I might have done wrong given nobody else seems to have that problem and TAC not getting a grip on how to help me. Is my theory (about a simple upgrade being sufficient to migrate the lics) wrong?

The PI 2.1 Ordering and Licensing Guide states:

Ordering Information for Existing Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.x Customers

If you have an active SASU service contract on Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.x, then you don’t need to purchase or order anything to upgrade. Simply download the latest Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1 software from to upgrade.

The Release Notes describing the migration upgrade state:

Prime Infrastructure application backups include license data.
Reinstalling on a new system or virtual machine does not require
you to rehost your licenses
, so long as you use a recent application
backup to restore your license data from the old system to the
upgraded system.

So what the heck went wrong?



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Re,my new TAC engineer solved


my new TAC engineer solved the case by finding CSCuj32554 which is about old wcs*.lic files in the licenses directory breaking the migration. It also contains a procedure for cleaning up the mess which worked out (with some adaptation, due to fallout from earlier attempts of solving the issue).

So if you are hitting this one, make sure you check on this BugId.



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Hi Andre,For inline upgrades

Hi Andre,

For inline upgrades (same server), when upgrading from 1.0/1.1,1.2/1.3 to 2.1, the licenses should work without adding a base license for 2.0. However, if you are upgrading and you would need a re-host (new servers for 2.1), you would need a base 1.2 license provided that you have an active SASU contract.


If it is the other case then send the below information to license  team to regenerate the License for 2.1

:> PAK or Sales Order Number
> UDI Serial Number




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