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New Member

PI 2.1 TFTP server failure

on 20_05 we updatedto 2.1

in 22 we begun adding datacenter switches to DVC with public snmp community

afterwards we noticed vlan fetching inventory status failed

further investigation :

on the same day application logging reports:

05/22/14 10:39:26.380 INFO  [admin] [Thread-3] TFTP logs:Unexpected Error in TFTP Server - Server shut down! + Bad packet. Datagram data length is too short.

now ncs status reports:

Ftp Server is running
Database server is running
Tftp Server is Failure
Matlab Server is running
NMS Server is running.
Plug and Play Gateway is running.
SAM Daemon is running ...
DA Daemon is running ...
Syslog Daemon is running ..


iptables are ok:

47   ACCEPT     udp  --             udp dpt:69

and no process using port 69 is found nor named tftp via netstat grep tftp

what is happening? (now I know the crash has been triggered by a security auditing... -.-)


is there a way to restart tftp only rather than the whole ncs ? (maybe via ADE root?)


thank you


Cisco Employee

Hi , Go to Administration >

Hi ,

 Go to Administration > System Settings > Server Settings

check if TFTP service is enabled ? if not enabled it .

(restart ncs)




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New Member

of course it is enabledat

of course it is enabled

at this time I cannot restart whole ncs,

I was just wandering if was possible to fix tftp failure by restarting only TFTP

Cisco Employee

can you tryservice tftpd

can you try

service tftpd start /restart



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New Member

Unfortunately it looks like

Unfortunately it looks like no tftp daemon rpm is installed on the system so service restart is not available for tftp in such way

as the error is reporting it looks like tftp is a service integrated into apache as a module

I'm starting to think full ncs stop and start as the only option...

Cisco Employee

Yes, you can do that , it

Yes, you can do that , it will take around 5  mins only

if it is in production ,you can ask for MW.




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