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Ping success rate against Average response time

Hi All,

I find this very weird, while I am pinging some host, and the host's Success Rate is for example below 40% while the average response time remains at around 5ms.Why Weird? Shouldn't it raise the Average response time if there were timeouts ( Success Rate ) on the proccess?

This is causing problems to me, because I have implemented a script which changes routing between two different ISP's based on Success rate and Average Response Time.

It compares both of the ISP's result to make the change, here is a piece of code which shows exactly what I want to do, maybe there's a better way to do it, if you have any ideas please share.

if {$srate_isp1 >= $srate_isp2 && $avrg_isp1 <= $avrg_isp2

:Make the change


Do nothing

The problem with this is, if Success rate is below 40% and is worse than Success rate of ISP2 , and the average time remains better for ISP1, it will not make the change.I was expecting average response time to raise if the success rate is bad, but sadly enough its not going to happen.

Btw, the script is in TCL, and I would share the whole script but its too long.If you need more bits of it, i'll share.



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