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Ping two devices with each other simultaneously

Dear Cisco,

I'm a CCNA beginner, and I have a simple query please:

Why can't I ping two devices (connected to the same network) simultaneously at the same time?

I will make my question clearer by an example, suppose that two personal computers and a server are connected to the same network, I can't request a service from the server from both PCs at the same time! Whilst in normal life and in our homes, we can use more than 10 laptops and computers to request services from the internet using the same router normally without any interrupt or queue waiting (as a concept).

so the problem is like a one-way communication, and the same applied when trying to ping.

As I think, it's something related to the network collision concept, and I'm not sure..

Is there any explanation for my query? and how can I solve such a problem! I'll be so appreciated.

Best Regards.


Posted by WebUser Amm?r Imad from Cisco Support Community App

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