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New Member

PIX suddenly rebooting

Hi all,

in our company i install two PIXes. First has unrestricted and second failover licence.

My problem is, that time to time active PIX sudenly start to echo "show tech" to console, and than it reload itself.

Standby take active role .. and after some time after this new active PIX reload also. It take from 10 minutes to 1 hour. But two times both PIXes start to reload simultaneously.

Pixes using lan statefull failover.

Please where should be the problem?

Thank you very much

New Member

Re: PIX suddenly rebooting

Can you give us a little background?,

1) whether the failover interface is in testing mode ?

2) Whether the failover device is booting in default configuration.?

3) receiving any of the following error ?

%PIX-1-105043: (Primary) Failover interface failed

%PIX-1-103001: (Primary) No response from other firewall (reason code = 4).

New Member

Re: PIX suddenly rebooting

Hi dsweeny,

Failover interface isn't in testing mode

Failover device is booting to default configuration

No i don't receive that errors.

I examined the log files and found that only failover depending messages are:

May 13 10:53:07 May 13 2007 01:53:50 vargate : %PIX-3-105010: (Primary) Failover message block alloc failed

May 13 10:53:07 May 13 2007 01:53:50 vargate : %PIX-3-105010: (Primary) Failover message block alloc failed

May 13 10:53:08 May 13 2007 01:53:51 vargate : %PIX-1-105005: (Primary) Lost Failover communications with mate on interface outside

the first message appear cca 50 times then the second message. The second message is from "standby" device i think, after the active is start to reboot.

But just now, after i think no configuration changes this erros don't appear again and PIX don't restart.

The only problem now is, that PIX cpu is running on 35-45%. I looked processes and found that OSPF process itself is running at 35% of cpu.

If you have any suggestion what to do ...

I'll be very thankfull.


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