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Policy-based Routing on 3560 using unrouted VLAN

Hi all,

My scenario is that both the inside and outside interfaces of the ASA5510 are connected to the same 3560 switch on different VLANs. The outside VLAN is unrouted which means the ASA 5510 uses the IP address of the Router (which is connected to the same VLAN) as its default gateway for Internet.

Now I've got another dual bonded T1 and need to send Internet traffic to two separate ISPs based upon their Source VLAN. The problem is that ASA5510 doesn't support PBR so I need to perform PBR on the Switch.

The information I've gather so far tells me that I need IP Services IOS on the switch so I'll have to purchase that. But what I don't understand is that if it's possible to do PBR in an unrouted VLAN?

Both the ISP routers(2811 and 1841) and ASA 5510 are connected to the unrouted VLAN. I want to NAT Internet traffic for two separate VLANs using two separate public IP addresses on the ASA. Then use PBR on the Switch to route traffic from the two IPs to go out to separate ISPs.

The outside Interface of the ASA is on the same public IP subnet as 2811.

Can I assign on of the public IP from the same public range to 1841, route traffic to the router and double NAT on the 1841?

Please let me know if this is all possible or if there is a better approach.


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