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Port Security on cisco switch2960 series

Hi ,

i used the following command to apply the port-security on the switch ports.


#conf t

#interface f0/1

#switchport mode access

#switchport port-security

#switchport port-security maximum 1

#switchport port-security mac-address sticky

#switchport port-security violation shutdown



question 1 : what does the sticky command exactly do? and what the difference between #switchport port-security mac-address sticky and #switchport port-security mac-address 0001.2BDE.UHT5

question 2 : if i restart the switch the configuration will gone or it is still saved in the switch configuration?

question 3:if i have a device where his MAC address is allowed on a port on the switch, and for some reason the device is damage and needs to be replaced by a new one. what is the way to allow the new device to access the same port?

question 3 : how to disable the port-security on a port?

question 4 : if a device or mac address is not allowed on a port, once is plugged in this port a violation is declared and in our case the port will shutdown. if i take this mac address and plug it on the same switch using another port where port-security is disable, the device is blocked or not on the port?

i want to thank you again for all your help for me.


have a good day.

best regards ,

Community Member

thanks for your prompt

thanks for your prompt response.

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