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Prime 2.0 How to exclude line configuration retrieve on autonomous AP

Hello all,

On prime infrastructure 2.0, how to use the Administration > System Settings > Configuration Archive / Advanced to exclude the "crypto ca" command line on a AIR-AP1242AG-E-K9, to avoid mismatch between running and startup config.

I look for Autonomous AP menu and don't find it, I saw Unified AP but no Autonomous AP ?

Could you help me ?



tep 1 Choose Administration

tep 1 Choose Administration > System Settings > Configuration Archive .

Step 2 Change the necessary settings.

Step 3 To have Prime Infrastructure ignore commands for a particular device type, click the Advanced tab, choose the device type, and enter the commands to be ignored.

If the device you specify has a change in its configuration and Prime Infrastructure detects that the change is in one of the commands in the exclude list, Prime Infrastructure does not create an archived version of the configuration with this change.

Step 4 Click Save .

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Thanks for your help, so

Thanks for your help, so where I can find autonomous AP in the particular device type ?

Could you show me ? That's only my question.

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