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Prime 2.0 map import problem

We recently installed a Prime 2.0 appliance, currently v2.  When I import a drawing the text "Demonstration purposes only" gets added across the top left, outside of the actual drawing space but it becomes part of the building floor view.  This addition to the drawing increases the drawing size so the scale gets wacked out.  I have the Base license installed for 2.0 so I don't think its a license issue but not sure.  I can import the same drawing to an older version of Prime (v1.3) and have no problems.  Any ideas out there?  Thanks


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I figured this out.  I

I figured this out.  I noticed that several people had looked at this with no ideas coming back to me so I decided to dig deeper (again).  Turns out that there is a "Layer 0" in our drawings that has the text mentioned above...

The layer does not show up in the CAD view or in a .pdf created from the drawing either, so I've never seen the text before.  Also, Prime 1.3 and below (including WCS) strip this layer off automagically, but Prime 2.0 does not.
Fortunately on Prime's drawing import preview selected layers can be turned off.  I started taking them out and when I turned off Layer 0 the text disappeared!  Not sure why it doesn't show up in CADs or .pdf's, even though the layer is on.  Thanks much to all who looked at this.


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