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Prime Infrastructure 1.3 backup


I have issue to backup our PI, from the GUI (admin task/NCS backup) failed with the below error message on the log:


Apr 24 15:42:39 srvapip01 logger: warning:[] application backup script did not backup any files.

Apr 24 15:42:39 srvapip01 logger: warning:[] backup file backup-20140424-0332.tar.gpg was not created as no application data exists for this backup

Apr 24 15:42:39 srvapip01 debugd[3423]: [10749]: backup-restore:backup: br_backup.c[515] [daemon]: appcomponent backup script failed

Apr 24 15:47:01 srvapip01 debugd[3423]: [21140]: logging: logutils_cli.c[530] [admin]: ADE Got cfg: Server localhost location /var/log/ade/ADE.log loglevel 6 islocal 1


And from the CLI with error message below:


% Creating backup with timestamped filename: NCS-BCK-Toto-140424-1634.tar.gpg

INFO : Cannot configure the backup directory size settings as the free space available is less than the current database size.

 /opt partition space looks good proceeding with backup


  Stage 1 of 7: Database backup ...

  -- complete.

  Stage 2 of 7: Database copy ...

  -- complete.

  Stage 3 of 7: Backing up support files ...

  -- complete.

Not enough space for NCS backup

Backup database failed.

% Internal error: couldn't create backup file


I reload/stop/start/clenup etc…. and still have same issue, don’t find any doc or info by googling.

I have to upgrade to version 2.1 that was released yesterday but before want to get a up to date backup.



Thanks for your help

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