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Prime Infrastructure 2.1 Client Statistic Report Issues

Hello Community,


I hope you can help with a couple of issues I am seeing on Prime Infrastructure 2.1, running an evaluation 60 day license.


My PI 2.1 build is currently managing a WLC 5508 running, which has been added successfully. No configuration changes were applied to the WLCs, other than SNMP community. No AVC or medianet configuration is applied.


When looking in the 'Operate>Client and Users' dashboard; I can see connected clients and if I select one of them, I can see further details like session, security and client statistics (showing traffic and 802.11 metrics). These are the table views that show current values, however, further down I see graphs but they do not contain any information for RSSI, SNR or traffic sent & received (packets or bytes).


Question: Should I see this information under an evaluation license and if so, what could be stopping it?


Also, when I run the reports 'Report>Report Launch Pad' and select 'Client>Client Traffic' or 'Client>Client Throughput' the resulting report contains 0 bps, when I select 'Report By' AP by Floor Area. I have created a single floor area and placed three access points into it.

Out of interest if I do a report of the same type using 'Report By' All or AP by Controller, I do see traffic graphs for 3 out of 333 access points. Just not the access points that are in my floor area. Also the amount of traffic utilization is tiny (less than a kbps) for a WLC with 800 users.


For a 'Client>Client Count' report using AP by Floor Area, I do see the client numbers connected to the WLC/APs in my configured floor area.


Question: Should I see reports for client traffic and throughput under an evaluation license for floor areas and if so, what could be stopping it?


I have checked the background task and the 'Client Statistics' task is enabled and run time is being updated.


Kind regards,




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