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Prime Infrastructure 2 - 2960X/C?

Hi there,

I've got Prime 2.0 managing almost every Cisco device on our network, apart from 2x 2960C's and 1x 2960X.  The switches have the same SNMP and SSH config as all my other devices, but these ones all report a "Collection Failure".

Collection Status Details

Collection StatusAn unexpected error has occurred:
# Check the device is in supported device list in deployment guide.
# Check there is connectivity between the device and PI
# Check the device credentials provided are valid
# Finally if the problem still persists then contact Cisco System's technical assistance center

I've updated to Prime Infrastructure 2.0.10 (Update 2.0 Device Packages Oct 2013) I believe is the latest level, but this hasn't picked up the 2960 C's or X's but is happy talking to my 2960S's.

Any suggestions?

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Prime Infrastructure 2 - 2960X/C?

When we've had issues with device collections I've taken to tailing the inventory log to see exactly where the process dies. You can do that by logging into the Prime CLI with the root account and then tailing /opt/CSCOlumos/logs/inventory.log Definitely pipe the output into grep since this is a busy file (e.g. tail -f  /opt/CSCOlumos/logs/inventory.log | grep

If you haven't set up root access yet, log into the Prime CLI and run "root_enable" to establish a root account password (if that option isn't available you'll have to get the root patch from TAC but I believe it should be there with CPI 2.0). Then you should be able to connect directly as the root account via "ssh root@yourprimeserver" and tail that log file.

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Did you manage to get this

Did you manage to get this resolved, does Prime 2.1 support these switches?

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Some of them were due to the

Some of them were due to the RSA key length, I had to push them all out to 2048.

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