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Prime Infrastructure Netflow Config

Hi guys,

I am trying to configure Netflow monitoring on Prime Infrastructure. Do you guys know if I can change the port 9991 which Prime listens to another port number?

If possible, how to do that?

I have the 2.0 express.


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I don't believe PI allows you

I don't believe PI allows you to change the port 9991 used by the server to listen for Netflow records. It may be possible if you hack into the daemon settings in the underlying shell but it would not be supported.

Note you need the Assurance license to use the Netflow features.

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Thanks Marvin. For security

Thanks Marvin. For security reasons I need them to be different.

This is bad. Prime is not as impressive as I pictured it.

Many things are not possible especially ICMP based monitoring instead of SNMP. If the device is dead, how will it send SNMP trap to Prime.

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I hear you. Add your voice to

I hear you. Add your voice to the choir. :)

SNMP Traps are just one source of Alarms. You can and should deploy a device health monitoring template (or customize one) for PI to actively query device (or interface etc.) health.

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