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Print Running config files from several components to one file


   I am a systems engineer and I am looking for some help with my current network setup. I am in need of a program that I can give the IP addresses of my cisco components (PBR's, Switches, so on) and it will go into them, pull the running config files, and print them to one text file. Recently I have been asked to produce weekly reports in which I have to show the configuration, and make notes of any changes that have been made, so any program that can do that too would also be helpful. Previously, I have been using Cat-Tools to do this, but it is a freeware program and has expired. Additionally, my customer is very picky about what goes on the system, and does not trust freeware programs. Does cisco have some software (maybe incorporated in a software bundle like wireshark) that can do this for me? If not, what program do people recommend? Also, the program has to be done on a Windows machine.

Thank you,

Cisco Employee

Print Running config files from several components to one file

As per your requirement, you have the following two options which may help :

Cisco Network Assistant (Free/No License required)

Cisco Network Assistant is a PC-based network management application for wired and wireless LANs for growing businesses with up to 40 or fewer switches and routers. It uses Cisco Smartports technology to offer centralized network management and configuration to simplify deployment and ongoing maintenance

Cisco Network Assistant facilitates:

  1. Network discovery and convenient display in a topology map
  2. Configuration management of Cisco products fitting small and medium businesses
  3. Single-click Telnet or access to device manager
  4. Front panel view of devices, clusters and stacks
  5. Inventory reports and health monitoring
  6. Troubleshooting of common network issues
  7. Event notification of network errors and alarm thresholds
  8. Drag-and-drop Software upgrades saves time in maintaining your network
  9. Direct access to lifecycle information using Cisco Active Advisor

CNA Homepage:

Download CNA :!m&mdfid=279230132

Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution (Needs license/eval for 90 days for 100 devices)

Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution (LMS), delivers powerful network lifecycle management by simplifying the configuration, compliance, monitoring, troubleshooting, and administration of Cisco networks.

Primary Functional Areas and Benefits

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Proactively identify and quickly fix network problems before they affect end users and services with out-of-the-box preconfigured monitoring dashboards.

Configuration Management

Simplify the roll-out of new technologies and network changes through guided workflows based on Cisco best practices with built-in configuration templates that help reduce errors.

Compliance and Audit Management

Upgradable compliance engine offers extensive modeling of industry, corporate, IT, and technology policies and quick visibility into compliance status of the network.

Comprehensive Reporting

Get immediate up-to-date information about the network through flexible reporting for inventory, user tracking, compliance, switch port usage, end-of-sale, PSIRT, and other critical areas.

Work Centers

Easily manage all phases of the end-to-end lifecycle of Cisco value-added technologies and solutions, such as medianet, EnergyWise, TrustSec and Identity, Auto Smartports, and Smart Install.

Cisco Prime LMS Home page:

Download LMS from Here :!m&mdfid=283427841



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