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Prioritizing traffic from one VLAN


I've been reading through the various QoS guides available on this site and have been left unsure as to how to deal with this scenario:

I have an 877W router with two VLANs configured on it. The router connects to the internet via a 1024/256 kpbs ADSL connection.

Traffic on the first VLAN can be routed down a site to site VPN tunnel as well as out to the internet. Traffic on this VLAN is for business use and should have a higher priority for use of the internet connection than the other VLAN. The other VLAN has contains a wireless network which just provides internet access.

I want to ensure that traffic on the first VLAN always has priority for use of the internet connection as compared to traffic on the second VLAN, so if nodes on both networks are trying to access the internet at the same time, traffic for the first VLAN should be prioritized.

Can someone recommend how I should go abuot this, or give an example?


Re: Prioritizing traffic from one VLAN


As far as your first requirement of using Internet and vpn tunnel you can achieve using static routes or policy routing (route maps).

Regarding the second requirement you can give prioritization for the traffic originating from VLAN1 but that policy will be very much limited to local since you are going to get connected to the internet world where you don't have any kinda priroitization given to any kinda traffic.


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Re: Prioritizing traffic from one VLAN


Thanks for you response. I've already configured the VPN tunnel etc. Its just the QoS that I am stuck on.

The second VLAN will just be used by non-staff members to browse the internet, I would like to ensure that the staff members on the first VLAN always have priority for use of the internet connection. Could you give an example of how this might be configured or suggest which method of prioritizaiton I should use? I appreciate that this isn't end to end of course, but there must be some way of ensuring that the staff data gets guaranteed to go out to the internet first?

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