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Problem with LMS Software Management

Hi everyone,..

I am using LMS 4.5 and RME 4.0.3

I am trying to add IOS image of my switches to my repositery.

I scheduale the job successfully but it then fails and gives this error report.

I can telnet no problem to the switch and made sure of the telnet/enable passwords.

However what exactly am i doing wrong?

Import Mode : Parallel

Protocol Order for Image Transfer : TFTP,SCP,HTTP,RCP

Total number of device(s) to be processed : 1


Processing Device :

Start Time : Wed May 09 13:05:16 EEST 2007

Device is locked for exclusive access.

The supported protocols for image transfer are: TFTP,SCP,RCP

Connecting to the device using TELNET...

Couldn't connect to the device

Cause: SWIM5001: Cannot connect to the device using TELNET.

Skipping the image import from this device.

Image Import Operation Failed

Device is unlocked.

Device Import Result : Failed

End Time:Wed May 09 13:05:49 EEST 2007

SWIM0036: Could not add this image to software repository.


Import of /c2950-i6k2l2q4-mz.121-22.EA8a.bin from device failed

No action will be performed to add the image to the library.

Job Ended At : Wed May 09 13:07:26 EEST 2007


Re: Problem with LMS Software Management

Have you gone to the device center and checked connectivity from server to device ?

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Re: Problem with LMS Software Management

When you say, you can telnet, does this mean from the CiscoWorks server? A sniffer trace of the import operation and/or the SWIM job directory after enabling SoftwareManagement debugging under RME > Admin > System Preferences > Loglevel Settings would give more details as to why this is failing.

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Re: Problem with LMS Software Management

The problem is solved.

I had a problem with the telnet connectivity between the LMS server and the switches.

The LMS is working perfectly now.

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