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Problem with RME 4.0.5 Patch CSCsh39475-1.0

Before the patch installation it's recommended to execute the "" script.

With this script and all other scripts that are coming with the patch I get an error message for line 76:





---Please refer the debug.log for the progress...---

Getting Config_Device_Archive.Location,Version_Number from DB:






Getting the Config_Device_Archive.Location,Version_Number details from DB ->Comp


DCMA config devfiles Location in the server: = E:\CSCOpx_data\Archive\\devfiles

Retrieving the available Config files from the devFiles location:

Cannot open directory at line 76.


The output of the debug-file is not helpful:



Getting Config_Device_Archive.Location,Version_Number from DB:

Getting the Config_Device_Archive.Location,Version_Number details from DB - Completed

DCMA config devfiles Location in the server: = E:\CSCOpx_data\Archive\\devfiles

Retrieving the available Config files from the devFiles location:


I can not see the reason for the error message. I did everything as described in the readme.




Re: Problem with RME 4.0.5 Patch CSCsh39475-1.0

That's weird. I'm given the following zip file and install directions by TAC. Now I'm thinking it's not the right patch for CSCsh39475:

Installing From a Local Directory on CiscoWorks Server


You can install the Cisco Lib Dcma Package from a local directory by either:

Using CiscoWorks GUI



Using CiscoWorks GUI


To install the Cisco Libdcma Package using CiscoWorks Graphical User

Interface (GUI):

Step 1 Go to Common Services > Software Center > Device Update from the

CiscoWorks homepage.

Step 2 Check the Resource Manager Essentials check box and click Check for Updat


Step 3 Go to the Source Location page and select Enter Server Path.

Step 4 Enter the path where the device package file is stored in the local direc

tory and

click Next.

Step 5 Select Libdcma from the list of Available Device Packages and click


Step 6 Select Install Device Packages and click Next.

The Installation summary appears with details of the selected device packages.

Step 7 Click Finish.

A window with warnings and installation details appears informing you that all

the daemons will be restarted.

Step 8 Click OK to start the installation.

Any one of the following messages appears during installation:

Page Cannot be Displayed

Page Not Found

Cannot Find Server or DNS

Document contains no data

This behavior is normal for Software Center when the daemon manager restarts.

This may take a few minutes.

Step 9 Close the browser window and log into CiscoWorks again.

You can check the installation status from the, by selecting

Common Services > Software Center > Activity Log > Event Log.

To ensure that the installation is successful, go to Common Services > Software

Center > Device Update. Click Resource Manager Essentials and ensure that

the device package you installed is listed.



To install the Cisco Libdcma Package Support Updater Command Line

Interface (PSU CLI):

Step 1 Download the package to a local directory on CiscoWorks server.

Step 2 Enter the following commands to install the package.

On Solaris:

NMSROOT/bin/ -p rme -install -src local directory Libdcma

On Windows:

NMSROOT\bin\PSUCli -p rme -install -src local directory Libdcma

Replace NMSROOT with the actual path of the CiscoWorks installation directory.

The following are the default locations of NMSROOT on Solaris and Windows:

On Solaris: /opt/CSCOpx/

On Windows: C:\Progra~1\CSCOpx

Verifying Installation


To check whether the Cisco Libdcma Package is installed successfully:

Step 1 Log into CiscoWorks.

Step 2 Go to Common Services > Software Center > Software Update.

The Software Updates page appears.

Step 3 Click Resource Manager Essentials in the Device Updates page.

The Package Map for Resource Manager Essentials appears.

Step 4 Locate Libcma in the Package Map, and check its version.

If the version is 1.8.1, the installation is successful.



inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/psu/pkgs/LibDcma/PkgDescr.class


inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/

Cisco Employee

Re: Problem with RME 4.0.5 Patch CSCsh39475-1.0

There are two parts to the patch. The first is a Perl script that cleans up the bad file system components for the failing devices. The other is the actual code to make sure this does not happen again. If you do not run the Perl script, then you must delete the bad devices from RME, then re-add them to completely fix the problem.


Re: Problem with RME 4.0.5 Patch CSCsh39475-1.0

Do I need the script(s)? I'm not getting any symptoms of the bug, just want to patch it as a preventive measure. How do I install this patch? Keep it zipped, and follow the directions regarding LibDcma?


inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/psu/pkgs/LibDcma/PkgDescr.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/Descriptor.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/RawDataGeneratorIf.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/GroupingCriteria.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/CommandGrouperFactoryIf.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/ConfigletRule.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/ConfigletRange.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/CommandGrouper.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/MatchFinderIf.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/ConfigFileReader.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/ConfigReader.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/ConfigDiffer.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/ConfigMetaData.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/ProcessedDataGeneratorIf.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/ConfigArrayReader.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/SuccessorConfiglet.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/SimpleMatchFinder.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/DeviceConfigletRules.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/PatternMatchConfiglet.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/DummyConfiglet.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/DelimiterConfiglet.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/IndentationConfiglet.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/SimpleCommandGrouperFactory.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/analyzer/DefaultConfiglet.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/cmdHandler/InteractiveCmdHandlerIf.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/cmdHandler/PromptAndResponse.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/cmdHandler/ResponseHandlerImpl.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/cmdHandler/PromptsAndResponseHandlerImpl.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/persistor/ConfigOperatorFactoryIf.class

inflating: com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/LibDcma/persistor/OperatorCacheManager.class

Cisco Employee

Re: Problem with RME 4.0.5 Patch CSCsh39475-1.0

The official patch is now posted to at . If you install that, and follow the instructions, you will not run into this problem.

Cisco Employee

Re: Problem with RME 4.0.5 Patch CSCsh39475-1.0

I do not see this script in the official patch. You should go back to the TAC engineer that provided this to you, and work with them to understand these errors.

Cisco Employee

Re: Problem with RME 4.0.5 Patch CSCsh39475-1.0

Nevermind, I see the official patch has been published to It has this script. This error means the script cannot access the directory E:\CSCOpx_data\Archive\\devfiles. Does it exist?

New Member

Re: Problem with RME 4.0.5 Patch CSCsh39475-1.0

No, the directory E:\CSCOpx_data\Archive\\devfiles doesn't exist.

We us instead of it the directory E:\CSCOpx_data\Configs\ to archive the config-files. This directory is configured in RME\Admin\Config Mgmt\Archive Mgmt\Archive Settings. Could it be that the script doesn't use this value from RME so I have to change it in the scripts ?

Cisco Employee

Re: Problem with RME 4.0.5 Patch CSCsh39475-1.0

Please post your NMSROOT\MDC\etc\regdaemon.xml file.

New Member

Re: Problem with RME 4.0.5 Patch CSCsh39475-1.0

That's the NMSROOT\MDC\etc\regdaemon.xml file .

Cisco Employee

Re: Problem with RME 4.0.5 Patch CSCsh39475-1.0

The good news is the archive location is properly specified in regdaemon.xml. The bad news is it appears to be wrong in the database for at least one device (and possibly all). This means the patch will not work for you until the database is cleaned up.

The simplest solution is to completely reinitialize the rmeng database, or restore from a known good backup (i.e. before the archive location was changed). However, if you open a TAC service request, it may be possible to analyze the extent of archive damage to see if there is a more tactical solution. You should be prepared that a reinit may be necessary, though.

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