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Pulling traffic details from WAP4410N Access Point


I recently got WAP4410N access point and hoped I could count traffic of my home users using syslog (my tenants cost me quite a lot per month).

Here is what the manual says:

Syslog Notification—Syslog is a standard protocol used to capture

information about network activity. The access point supports this protocol

and sends its activity logs to an external server. To enable Syslog, click

Enabled. The default is Disabled.

- Syslog Server IP Address—Enter the IP address of the Syslog server.

In addition to the standard event log, the access point can send a

detailed log to an external Syslog server. The access point’s Syslog

captures all log activities and includes this information about all data

transmissions: every connection source and destination IP address, IP

server, and number of bytes transferred.

I enabled Syslog Notifications and set Syslog Server IP Address to one of the local IPs connected through this AP.

The target PC has win7 installed. I use WinSyslog to save all the incoming logs to a file.

There were no logs recorded till I ticked all the options Administration->Log->Log section in the AP configuration utility.

Now I get records for logins to the  configuration utility but nothig else.

Can I get traffic data (source-destination and number of butes transferred) from the AP somehow?


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