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QoS and LLQ questions

I wish to configure LLQ for my voice, video and data converged network. "End-to-End QoS" by Szigeti (Cisco Press) states that it is important to accurately provision bandwidth requirements for the PQ. If they are not provisioned correctly, "the excess traffic MIGHT be dropped (by the LLQ policer)." (quote from the book)

What show commands can i run that will tell me if LLQ is policing the PQ? Any other commands that would be helpful in troubleshooting LLQ?

I hesitate to implement any QoS until i have a firm handle on the troubleshooting.

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Re: QoS and LLQ questions

Ensure that the voice and data packets have different IP precedence values so that the router can differentiate between them

Use this example:

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Re: QoS and LLQ questions

Traffic for LLQ is defined on the policy and under class when you use "priority" and "bandwidth".

So first define the traffic types needs, find out who many VoIP calls you would like to send over the link and calculate the bandwith need based on the number of calls and the codec you will use.

To troubleshoot The best one is "sh policy-map interface", it will show your classes and policy defined and also statistics of traffic on the interface you applied the QoS policy, You can see if packets were dropped there.

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