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QoS during busy hours for P2P traffic

Hello friends,

We have 50 Mbps for Internet access, and lately we have been experimenting congestion on the link, everyday from 10AM up to 12PM. We use cisco router 3825 for Internet access. After running NBAR we found a lot of peer-to-peer/file sharing applications over the link. We can´t just drop the peer-to-peer for the clients that share this link, but we want to limit it during day period. To just limit p2p is not a problem, but my question is how to make it automatically, i.e, to limit p2p during day and authomaticaly remove the rule during the night without the need of manual intervention or running a script on for example a Linux server to do it...

Is there any configuration example of how to do it only with/within the cisco router?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Re: QoS during busy hours for P2P traffic


There is time-based qos config. may be suitable for your needs. Please go through below link



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Re: QoS during busy hours for P2P traffic

Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately it helps only if I want to classify based on ACLs; I want to use NBAR and match traffic by protocol,instead of port numbers, i´m afraid of the dynamic port changes of peer-to-peer aplications. So my question is how to do it by matching with IP NBAR instead of time-based ACLs?

Until now I found 2 ways of doing it: automaticaly using an external server with a script that periodicaly logs into the routers and applies/remove the rule, or I do it manually, what is not scalable

I don´t have good experience with scripts, because some times there´s a problem with the server, or I don´t notice that it´s not longer working until someone complain and it´s late. I was looking for independent solution within the router...


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