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QPM 4.1.2 not completing policy deployment


we've recently switched to QPM 4.1.2 from 3.2 (clean installation, new server), and I'm having some trouble deploying policies to some devices (2811 all using c2800nm-advipservicesk9-mz.124-15.T3.bin).

From what I can tell from debug ip ssh it connects just fine (using SSHv2/3des-cbc) and will often deploy part of the policy changes, but then part way through stops sending commands and drops the SSH connection (SSH1: Session disconnected - error 0x07). At the same time the job status in the Policy Deployment page remains at "In-Progress" forever.

I thought perhaps that one of the commands in the policy was taking some time to be accepted and QPM was assuming the connection was dead and dropping it, but I don't experience this entering the commands manually. I am also able to view the modifications that will be made when creating the deployment job, and obviously QPM discovers the device without issue.

All available device/software updates are installed, and the only errors I can find are in QPMPDP.log (I have attached a sample of the output).

Perhaps most frustrating of all is that some identical devices with almost identical configuration will deploy without issue.

Anyone have ideas on why this might be happening?


Re: QPM 4.1.2 not completing policy deployment

Does QPM 4.1.2 include RME (seems so) and use NetConfig for deployment? Because the symptom sounds suspiciously similar to CSCsw39641 discussed in this thread:

If so, there's a consolidated patch for these bugs available from Cisco TAC. Just make sure the xdi.jar has the correct checksum of 326986eef9c9e46801a8623014ddd07e.

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Re: QPM 4.1.2 not completing policy deployment

Switching one of the offending devices to telnet only has allowed the configuration to be deployed without any problems at all, so it does seem like it may be the same issue.

Upon checking the versions of the common services installed on each the qpm versions are behind the ciscoworks ones. Alas there were no downloadable updates available for qpm's common services so I'll have to hunt around for them.


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