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New Member

QPM 4.1 and NBAR

I'm running QPM4.1 in evaluation mode.

I'm having problems trying to understand how I can use NBAR for baseline discovery on a Cat 6500 (PFC3 IOS). I have previously deployed NBAR manually via the CLI and can obtain stats via the CLI no problem.

I now want to move the config to be 'owned' by QPM but I can't get QPM to understand or deploy a new NBAR policy to the switch.

I've tried importing the QoS policies from the switch but this fails as no policy data is imported.

I've tried to create a new policy based on the AutoQosDiscovery template but this fails during the policy creation phase. It states the following as soon as I move to the 'Constraints Definition' which is odd as I haven't even assigned the policy to a device yet.

"The defined property or constraint is valid for the policy, but cannot be configured together with one or more of the currently defined in this policy. Value null is invalid for this property."

I can't even edit the AutoQos policy template to see what's in it, the same applies to every policy that has AutoQos in the title. Is this a bug or is it a limitation, it looks broken to me?

I've also tried to go direct to the Baseline Historical monitoring but that produces no results which I guess is expected. I assume I need to deply the AutoQosDiscovery policy first and then use the monitoring to pull the results. The docs weren't too clear on the process for the baseline stuff.


New Member

Re: QPM 4.1 and NBAR

I've progressed slightly on this issue.

I noticed I should probably be using the AutoQos wizard so have now created an AutoQosDiscovery policy, great :)

However, I note the Cat6500 doesn't come up on the supported list for AutoQos so I can't use NBAR via QPM as far as I can tell. Given that the AutoQosDiscovery is happy to deploy autoqos discovery commands on other devices (a C2600XM I had) then does it not really use NBAR for AutoQoSDiscovery?

I'm no further forward on how to monitor NBAR via QPM on a Cat 6500, despite the Cat6500 supporting NBAR. I get the impression this isn't a suported combination.

I did read somewhere that AutoQoSDiscovery should be used to deploy NBAR discovery, I'm assuming I got this right?


New Member

Re: QPM 4.1 and NBAR

I now note that the C6500 is not in the list for "Supported QoS Analysis on Devices and IOS Software Releases". I've managed to deploy a regular (non NBAR) policy to the C6500 in an attempt to collect stats but I'm amazed that I can't collect stats from this policy. The switch is running 12.2(18)SXD7a.

Have I understood this correctly that the C6500 cannot be monitored by QPM?

It supports the "CISCO-CLASS-BASED-QOS-MIB" and lets me download a policy yet it doesn't let me monitor the policy stats (realtime or historical)?


New Member

Re: QPM 4.1 and NBAR

Jed, have you made any progress in this area.  I also am usng QPM in

eval mode and the primary benefit I looking to derive from QPM is QoS monitoring/reporting.  We

have about 30 6500's and I don't see QPM providing much value without monitoring 6500's, I cannot afford to swap for sup32 PISA's,but see the PISA sup as the only sup that supports NBAR.