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Query about CiscoWorks DFM


Can you help me on the steps (or even a link) on how to configure DFM to generate an alarm or notification if ever a time out on the connection occurs? I'm trying to monitor an intermittent connection through the use of Ciscoworks DFM, is this possible? Or there is some other way?

Thanks so much!

Cisco Employee

Re: Query about CiscoWorks DFM

DFM will generate an event and alert by default if a managed device becomes unreachable. These alerts will be viewable under DFM > Alerts and Activities > Alerts and Activities. If you want to configure additional notifications (e.g. email) that is done under DFM > Notification Services. If you view the context sensitive online help (i.e. the Help link the upper right-hand corner) you will get more instruction on how to set these up.

New Member

Re: Query about CiscoWorks DFM

Thanks for the response. Sorry but I have to change the content of my message. Really sorry. The connection that I'm trying to monitor is from outside sources (e.g. Internet). Is it possible in DFM? I guess it's not possible but I'm having a hard time to prove it to my client, hahaha. I guess I need to have a proof. Also, if it's not possible in DFM, is there some other way through CiscoWorks that I may be able to monitor an intermittent connection from the outside network? For example, Google?

Thank you very much for your understanding! More power! :)

Cisco Employee

Re: Query about CiscoWorks DFM

This is where IP SLA and IPM come in. You can use IPM to create an IP SLA collector on your edge device, and it can measure network delay and availability to a remote host. You can even have IPM configure the devices to send traps or syslog messages when there is a problem.

See the IPM user's guide at for more information on getting started with IPM.

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