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Question about GUI for a 3945E

I'm generally a command line guy but I have ASDM set up for several ASAs and I find it to be a useful dashboard at times and it is also good for my non Cisco aware co-workers to use. I'm currently replacing a 2801 with a 3945E, I'd tried to use a GUI for the 2801 in the past but it was almost completely useless because the device's proc was so maxed out - I thought what I'd used in the past was SDM but now looking for a fresh version I've stumbled upon "Cisco Security Manager" which mentions working with ASAs as well.

Question is: what is the best direction to take with this new install? should I try this CSM? does it provide useful functionality for ASAs even though we are already using ASDM? Will CSM provide the basic GUI for a 3945 that I'm looking for? The downloads for these are not listed along with the routers so I'm not really sure which direction is best or even if there is something else that I should be looking at? I've tried the Cisco Network Assistant for switches and I didn't find that too useful so I'm looking to save some time here.


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