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Question about the venting frustration post below -

I see some frustrated CiscoWorks users and their comments in the "venting frustration" post below. I have yet to attempt LMS 2.5 so I don't have any comments about it.

It sounds like opsware might be a better direction than try to attempt LMS 2.5 or even the next version whatever and whenever that may be.

Question: It sounds like opsware has got the Netconfig piece covered but does it do 1) config backups 2) device inventory and 3) syslog management?


Re: Question about the venting frustration post below -

As far as I know, opsware does config backups.


Re: Question about the venting frustration post below -

Opsware does indeed cover the netconfig piece very well, but it doesn't do all of RME's functions. TrueControl is primarily a SOX enforcement tool where you "protect" configurations from unapproved modification and report on everything thats done to them by whom.

Opsware doesn't do hardware inventory very well, nor does it decipher OID's

Opsware doesn't do syslog or error reporting like DFM and the built in RFC compliant syslog server.

Ops also doesnt have : SmartCase, NetShow, Image Upgrade advisor (the one better than online because it compares against your hardware inventory for memory and flash)

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