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question regarding LMS extensions

I want to know what other LMS extension software (Cisco/non-Cisco) are for use with LMS itself other than HUM and ICM? Also, what is the overall impact of adding more extentions to LMS?

I know it depends on the network if we try to list down the benefits that we get from LMS and its extensions, but if i want to know generic terms stating the benefits/features of LMS (along with extensions), what would that be?

Cisco Employee

Re: question regarding LMS extensions

HUM is really the only addon as it were. ICM was never shipped along with LMS, and while it can be installed along side LMS, it wasn't billed as an extension the same way HUM is. I know of no non-Cisco addons to LMS. We just don't make enough of the low-level APIs available to do an addon like HUM.

As with any other application on the LMS server, the more you add, the more resources are required. While ICM is a configuration tool, and really doesn't require a lot of memory and CPU cycles, HUM is a polling application, and really likes additional CPU cycles and a lot of available disk space. In fact, we have some customers that have dedicated servers to HUM to squeeze every last drop of scalability and performance out of it.

As for addon benefits, ICM is a NAC configurator tool. If you're using NAC, then it might be something you'd like to have to facilitate configuring your interfaces. That said, ICM is dead, and only supports Common Services 3.0.x. We are planning to incorporate some of its interface provisioning features into LMS 3.2.

HUM can be thought of like an MRTG plug-in for LMS. It allows one to poll arbitrary MIB objects, and report on and graph the results. You can also define thresholds in HUM, and monitor those thresholds for violations.

Any additional Common Services-based application will provide more features or different visibility into your network. Always read the release notes and installation guide before getting started to make sure the app supports your version of Common Services, installation along side other applications, and what scalability requirements it may have.

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