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Questions about syslog purge


I have some stupid questions about syslog purge, somehow I could not find this info in the User Guide.

We have CWLMS 3.0.1 installed, and default Syslog Purge Job scheduled every 1 am.

My questions:

1. How do I see the size of syslog database? My purpose is to verify that the Syslog purge job is working

2. I see SyslogPurgedDataBackup* files being created. What are they?

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Re: Questions about syslog purge

The syslog database is actually composed of three data spaces. The data space files can be found under NMSROOT/databases/rmeng. However, purging does not shrink the size of these files. The only way to shrink them is to completely remove them, and rebuild fresh data spaces. There is a class file, DBSpaceReclaimer.class, available from the TAC that can do this.

The SyslogPurgedDataBackup* files are text copies of the data that is purged from the syslog data spaces. These can be kept to preserve an extensive audit trail (useful for various compliance standards). You can configure the syslog backup settings under RME > Admin > Syslog > Set Backup Policy.

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