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"Duplicate" Device removed from Campus Topology

For some reason one of the 6509's in the network (which is in the DCR with correct credentials) is being removed from the topology map. I think I found the problem in the ani.log but don't know how to solve it. The ANI seems to conclude that these devices are the same. But they are not.


Discovery ani DcrToCampusMap: The Device container(Device, hostname: is duplicate of container(Device, hostname: , so deleting the Device from SMFContainer

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Re: "Duplicate" Device removed from Campus Topology

ANI will look through its list of devices to see if another device has the same IP address as the device being analyzed. If it does, then the current device is removed. The IP address in question will be

If the address is really not duplicated, this can indicate bad data in the ANI database. In that case, you'll need to reinitialize the toplogy portion of the database with the command:

NMSROOT/bin/perl NMSROOT/campus/bin/

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Re: "Duplicate" Device removed from Campus Topology

Thanks, not very good news :-(

After reinitializing the database will I lose saved topology maps? because to relayout the topology map takes a long time :-(

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Re: "Duplicate" Device removed from Campus Topology

Yes, topology maps will be lost. Are you certain the address in question is not configured on the other device?

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