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"Missing" MIBs on Nexus platform ??

Attempting to leverage SNMP to monitor some Nexus switches.  Running into problems...

  1. Looking at Cisco-Entity-FRU-Control MIB, (tree starts at .
  2. I browsed the Nexus switch looking at the root and it failed. It goes from .....109.x to ....118.x skipping over .117 in the MIB.
  3. Entity Sensor is suppose to be at ., the Nexus goes from .....82.x to .....106.x
  4. Cisco-entity-ext-mib is at .195, again not seeing this on the Nexus

The documentation says it is supported, but I can not find the specific OIDs on the device.

Anyone else experiencing the same issue ??  Are the OIDs different than those documented ??  Does something have to be enabled on the switch to see these OIDs ??  Is licensing required ?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

- B. Taylor

P.S. Posting on CSC as I am not getting anywhere with Cisco support... Being told that they "should be there", but they are not.

AAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhh !!  (sorry I am done now)

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Re: "Missing" MIBs on Nexus platform ??

How are you polling that OID ?

What NMS program are you using ?

On the nexus, do a "show snmp trap" and it will list all of the traps enabled.

You need to enable the SNMP to accept polling on either the VRF for the MGMT0 interface.

Use the following:

snmp-server host  use-vrf default

And then bring the mgmt0 interface up and get the following outputs:

show run snmp
show interface mgmt0
show vrf
show vrf interface mgmt0

New Member

"Missing" MIBs on Nexus platform ??

Here is what I am seeing.

Multiple queries using show snmp traps, snmpwalk remotely confirm the presence of some entity MIBS in the 5020.

Only these for entity:

# sh snmp tr | inc ntity


Trap type                                                              Enabled


entity               : entity_mib_change                            Yes

entity               : entity_module_status_change            Yes

entity               : entity_power_status_change              Yes

entity               : entity_module_inserted                      Yes

entity               : entity_module_removed                     Yes

entity               : entity_unrecognised_module              Yes

entity               : entity_fan_status_change                  Yes

Similar for the 5548, 7010.

Commands used from linux of the form: snmpwalk -Ofn -v 2c snmpstring_pwd | grep

It does not appear to be a Feature which is not on. It does appear to have the MIB not the Cisco temperature extensions. It is unclear if a temperature sensor is in the Cisco 5020 or 5548.

Temperature sensor health monitoring diagnostics are referenced for the 5548 here with very little detail:

Show environment does give temperature information, so it could be scripted to be retrieved, however SNMP is more desirable. It's unclear if NX-OS upgrade would resolve this.

I tend to believe these MIBs are in the device or some of them, perhaps not in others. Perhaps a TAC case on the board will yeild one where the MIBs are able to be queried by snmpwalk...

Anyone who can provide insight would be welcome.

New Member

"Missing" MIBs on Nexus platform ??

Hi guys

Could you please help me find oid for TEMPERATURE(s) of Nexus 7010 chassis, I am going through

CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB but am a bit lost in it.

I already have correct oids for interface variables ifinoctets, unknowns, discards etc. modules/fans/psus operational status but struggle to find temperatures, or I am most probably looking for it the wrong way.



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