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Re-numbering the network with Ciscoworks


We would like to move all our network access switches to a new subnet range.

Is it possible to do this with Ciscoworks, for example by a Netconfig job?

Every switch needs a different ip address, and I don't want to do this on a per switch base, but want this all on a easy manner in one single job. :))

Cisco Employee

Re: Re-numbering the network with Ciscoworks

On the surface, this is very easy to do. You would create a parameterized Netconfig template to deploy your IP address change. Your template would look like:

interface Vlan 1

ip address $address

Then, your parameterized command file would look like:


However, when this job runs, RME will no longer be able to access the switches after it deploys the commands. It will therefore now be able to determine if the deployment succeeded, and thus mark the job as failed.

You will also need to go into DCR after making this change, and update the IP addresses there (if you are keeping IPs in DCR). This could be made easier if you export the DCR data, change the IPs in bulk, then re-import the file.

Community Member

Re: Re-numbering the network with Ciscoworks

Hello Joe,

What could we do without your, excellent advice, thanks again.

I have tested this with 2 switches and it works, however as you expected the job fails and the devices are still in the DCR with their old ip addresses.

Shouldn't Ciscoworks update this ip address and name automatically with it's daily devices discovery job?

Another thing, is there a way to purge devices from the database if they are for example not reachable for over a month?

Thanks again.

Cisco Employee

Re: Re-numbering the network with Ciscoworks

No. First, you're using a user-defined template, so there is no inherent knowledge that what you're doing would affect manageability. Second, you could be changing just some arbitrary interface address, and not the management address.

We are looking at automatically grouping unreachable devices for LMS 3.2. This way, it would be up to the user if they want to purge these devices in one shot.

Community Member

Re: Re-numbering the network with Ciscoworks

The following steps worked for me:

1) Add ip address and Vlan interface

2) Change default gateway

3) Change tftp source int., ntp source and delete old Vlan interface

4) Change DNS

After the device discovery job finishess, the devices automatically appear in the DCR with new IP address, without the need to change this manually.

It would be great thou if some tools are embedded in Ciscoworks for creating parameter files in the new version.

Also a little more tooling to create and modify default configuration templates files are welcome, so life can be a little easier ;))

It would also be great if you can see in groups (for e.g. day, week , month, year) which devices weren't reachable, so the user can choose to delete them from the DCR or not. Can't wait for version 3.2!

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