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Real time monitoring from LMS


Our goal is to have a real time graphical view of our network.

From Topology Services of Campus Manager, we can have a nice graphical view of the network topology. If something wrong with a device during the polling, the coresponding icon on the graph will turn red. However, this is not real time, because the polling interval from Campus Manager cannot be too small.

On the other hand, RME and DFM can have almost real time monitoring on the devices. If something wrong happened to a device, we can run a script, send an email or trap, etc.

My question is: when RME and DFM know something wrong with a device, can we somehow let the device icon on the map of Topology Services turn red?

We can create our own map of the network using other software. My question is: how can we access the syslog information received by LMS and the polling information from DFM? If we can do it, we can just write a simple program to modify network map created by ourselves. Is there a way to do it?


Cisco Employee

Re: Real time monitoring from LMS

The Campus Manager Topology Service graph is really more for understanding the Layer-2 topology and providing a method of network documentation. It's not really purposed to be a real-time network status tool (a la HP OV NNM and others).

The syslog event messages are native to the Solaris operating system. The CW-LMS install modifies /etc/inetd.conf and puts those messages in /var/log/syslog_info. Windows didn't have a Syslog listener, so we had to add one, but it has a similar syslog_info file under the CSCOpx directory (and logs, I believe).


Re: Real time monitoring from LMS

Actually on Windows the file is called syslog.log

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Re: Real time monitoring from LMS

nhabib and jdavis,

Thank you for the reply. nhabib, what is the name of the file to record Alerts and Activities information in DFM?

My real concern is: can we have a real time graphical view of the network? From what you said and my understanding, Topology Services is not the solution. I guess we have to use RME and DFM. Have you heard a way to achieve the similar function?


Re: Real time monitoring from LMS

It's in this directory where you can configure the actions DFM should take on events.


It's too bad that Cisco doesn't develop Campus in a way it could receive events from DFM and/or RME/syslog and adapt the maps accordingly

Another missed opertunety for Ciscoworks


Cisco Employee

Re: Real time monitoring from LMS

Michel, keep your eyes open for enhancements to Campus Manager in the LMS 3.0 timeframe later this year - earlier next.

We'll take any opportunity we can to improve. :)


Re: Real time monitoring from LMS

Tell me what you have seen Jason.

As a curious person that I am I can't wait.

You haven't yet got a beta on the self I can try in the lab?

Does it include a development kit?



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