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Real time monitoring WAN Links

I'm studing some alternatives for real time (5 secs) monitoring WAN links. This low time is because the traffic that travel across this links works with several bursts in a fill seconds and the actuals monitoring softwares (information on each 5 min, 1 min or 30 secs) I loose the small bursts...

Has an solution that stores the real time information on 24/7 monitoring? What impacts this checks on every 5 secs cause on low bandwidth links?



Re: Real time monitoring WAN Links

HP OpenView NNM (Network Node Manager) comes with an "xnmpgraph" X-windows tool that can plot SNMP MIB object values as often as the rest of the environment can physically handle it. As with any other frequent data collections, handling that amount of data 24/7 is always a concern, which I suppose is the main reason few tools poll more often than every 30 secs or 5 mins. HPOV NNM has a Data Collection facility (snmpCollect) that can poll MIB OIDs in the background unattended, and then one can use xnmgraph to graph the data output for visualization later. The Data Collection output grows indefinitely, so you'll need to take additional steps to roll up the collected data.

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Re: Real time monitoring WAN Links

With 5 sec polls on a low speed link the snmp session could well be the "top talker". If at all possible poll the link end device closest to the management station so that the snmp traffic does not traverse the link you are monitoring.

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