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Rebuilding LMS 2.2 RWAN 1.3 server

Is it possible to rebuild an LMS 2.2/RWAN 1.3 (IPM only, no ACLM or RTM) setup in the following fashion, when moving from one Solaris box to another (same OS build, but possibly different SPARC processors)? The new server could keep the same hostname/IP addr. $NMSROOT is /product/CSCO/CSCOpx rather than the default /opt/CSCOpx. Both this and /var/adm/CSCOpx are on SAN storage. Can I simply copy whatever else LMS needs that's on the local disks to the new box, and move the SAN storage from the old server to the new server? What do I need to copy that's not on /opt/CSCOpx and /var/adm/CSCOpx? Obviously need to manually softlink /opt/CSCOpx to /product/CSCO/CSCOpx, others on local disks include /etc/init.d/dmgtd etc., /etc/rc#.d/ stuff, /etc/syslog.conf, /var/spool/cron/crontabs/casuser, /etc/CSCOipm.csh and Anything else?

If the above is not a feasible idea, any chance the IDUs for RME/Campus Manager/etc. are cumulative rather than "incremental"? Any shortcut to bring a new LMS 2.2 installation up to RME IDU 13.0?

Any other ideas?

Cisco Employee

Re: Rebuilding LMS 2.2 RWAN 1.3 server

This would be highly unsupported, and prone to disaster if not done correctly. For one, you'd need to restore all of the /var/sadm/pkg directories and contents file entries. YOU SHOULD NOT DO THIS.

What you can do is backup the existing CiscoWorks data, then install what you want on the new server. IDUs are sort of cumulative. You can install IDU 5.0 immediately, then install Update 1 for both LMS and RWAN, then jump right to IDU 13.0 for RME and 11.0 for Campus. The CiscoView packages are another story. Those will take some time.

Once all apps have been updated to the SAME VERSIONS that are on the existing server, restore your data. I just did this on Solaris 8 with all of LMS and RWAN installed, and it took me about a day altogether.


Re: Rebuilding LMS 2.2 RWAN 1.3 server

Thanks. Can you similarly comment on what IDUs can be skipped to bring Campus Manager 3.3 to the latest?


Re: Rebuilding LMS 2.2 RWAN 1.3 server

Install in the following sequence

CM 3.3

CM 3.3 IDU 5.0

LMS 2.2 Update 1

CM 3.3 IDU 11.0 (latest)

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