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Recommendation for SYSLOG analyser

Hi All,

Currently we have all devices sending syslog off to a central server. This is on top of other monitoring with SNMP.

What I am looking for is a good way of analysing the syslog entries. This would more be for when 'weird stuff' is happening and am looking to see if there is any unusual syslog entries for a particular time, across all devices.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to good apps or ways of going about this? Ideally an app that is semi aware of cisco syslog format and red-flags unusual or potential causes to things breaking.


Cisco Employee

Re: Recommendation for SYSLOG analyser

The Resource Manager Essentials application in LAN Management Solution includes Syslog Analyzer which allows you to define Automated Actions to notify you when certain message patterns are seen. On top of that, the application watches for config and inventory related messages in order to keep the device data up-to-date in RME's database. RME also offers reporting tools for syslog.

A 90-day eval for Windows and Solaris is available from .

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