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Recommended Network Setup

Hi All,

I am begining to draw up plans for a new network for around 200 users. I was thinking about using Cisco 3750 switches, we do not need to do anything fancy with these switches, just very basic VLAN and routing. I would like to know your thoughts?

Also, I was thinking about getting a Cisco ASA5500 as the secrurity device, that will also provide functionality for remote access etc, as well at standard PIX funtions (DMZ etc)

Would anyonce recommend any alternatives to this, or additional hardware, i.e using a router as a default router rather than the switch.

Also, I would like to know what you all think about prividing Gigabit to users desktops, is it worth it, or only worth providing Gig LAN access to servers etc.

Thanks for all you input, it is greaatly appreciated



Re: Recommended Network Setup

If your network planning is indeed not provisioning in separate vlans the latter is less important of course but perhaps good to keep in mind . External inter-vlan routing by all means a wors solution since even fullFletched routing can only happen at gig-rate on high-end routers (c7200 later on and c75xx today ) ,which is not very efficient obviously Also bear in mind that c35xx has 5 Gig effective throughput and can be Oversubscribed (although not very likely if the end stations are normal workstations, the uplink is 1GIG which Should be fine if the local 3500 connected Stations are doing normal work and no high end batch machines.

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