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Redirecting Show Output Example Needed PLEASE!

hello all, here the thing.

there's a linux server on the network with


username: root

password: password

and there's a Cisco CMTS or router or whatever that I want to redirect the output of some commands from  it to that server.

I created a file named "count" in /home/test111/ and gave it full permissions on read write execute.

in the cisco router I'm using:

show cable modem counters | redirect ftp://root:password@//

as the command to redirect to that file. but nothing happens. I dont even know if the router is finding the file proprely.

the ping from the router to the server in successful.

so if anyone has any experience with that and I'm missing something PLEASE help me I need it. and thx in advance.

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Re: Redirecting Show Output Example Needed PLEASE!


Please share the output of the command "show cable modem counters | redirect ftp://root:password@//" and does the file count have any extensions?

Will let you know more if somethink comes up...



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Re: Redirecting Show Output Example Needed PLEASE!

there's no output for the command.. u just do it and it goes for a new line waiting for another command. that's what I hate abt the IOS, the lack of verbose mode.. I want verbose..

and no the file doesnt have any extension. it's just named count, created by "touch count" in u know linux..

thx for trying to help me


Re: Redirecting Show Output Example Needed PLEASE!

I just tried it with the same syntax and it worked for me.

Could it be an FTP permissions issue - perhaps that you don't have FTP write permissions to the location that you are trying to write the file to?

Your FTP logs should tell you at least if the router and your server are talking.

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Re: Redirecting Show Output Example Needed PLEASE!

no it's not premission issues, I gave chmod 777 permission to the files, so it's full permission for everyone. the username and pass are checked true. how can I see the ftp logs? (cz YES as I said in my first post the router and server can ping each other)


Re: Redirecting Show Output Example Needed PLEASE!

Your FTP logs should be stored in /var/logs.

Are you happy that the FTP service is working correctly? Go to another host and FTP to your server and login with the credentials you are using and see what you get. If you can login try and "put" a file and see if it allows you to upload to the server.

Another thing to try is Filezilla server (Windows only) which is a free FTP server - try and redirect your output to that - it gives you a nice realtime display of who is logging in and what they are trying to do. This will quickly show you if your FTP session is even reaching your server.

Also, on your router make sure that the interface you are sending the FTP is reachable by the server - it is best to use " ip ftp source-interface " and specify the interface that is facing the FTP server.

Could it be a firewall issue? You may be able to ping from host to host but that does not mean you can FTP.

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