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Replace failed 3750

I have a stack of 3 x 3750 switches running IP Base. I have a spare ws-c3750-48ts-s on the shelf.

The stack consists of 2 FE and 1 GE switches.

switch 1 provision ws-c3750-48ts

switch 2 provision ws-c3750-48ts (master)

switch 3 provision ws-c3750g-48ts

I can easily replace 1 & 2 if necessary but what is the best method to replace 3 since it will drop from Gigabit to FastEthernet?

Can I remove the provision for the GE switch 3 from the stack config then add the provision for the FE switch 3 and use a pre-installed interface config on the new switch?

Can I leave the provision for the GE switch 3 and add the replacement as switch 4?

The intent would be to replace the GE switch with an identical model but it would take a few days to acquire one.


Re: Replace failed 3750

I would just add the spare switch to the stack, it will become switch 4, then you have a hot spare, I would actually move some of the active devices from 1 and 2 to 4, so if you did ever get a problem there would be less impact.

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