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Report interface descriptions using LMS 3.2

Hi, bit of a noddy question. I need to be able to run a scheduled weekly report in LMS 3.2 reporting all interface descriptions matching a certain string.


Re: Report interface descriptions using LMS 3.2

There're at least two ways to go about it:

1. Assuming your RME is successfully completing Inventory Collection against all the interesting devices:

RME - Reports - Custom Report Templates -Click "Create" - Application Selection (Inventory) - Inventory Group (interface), Attribute (name), Operator (your choice), Value (your string) - Click "Add", then highlight it in the Rules List and "Save changes". The caveat here is "Interface" really refers to IOS interfaces; it cannot report CatOS port names, as far as I know.

RME - Reports - Report Generator - Schedule the Inventory report using the Custom Template just defined previously.

2. Or, if Campus Manager has been User Tracking successfully:

Campus Manager - User Tracking - Reports - Custom Reports - select a Type (e.g. End Hosts)- select Device Group(s) - match Column (port name), etc.

Campus Manager - User Tracking - Reports - Report Generator - select the matching Type (e.g. End Hosts) - select the Custom Report defined above.

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Re: Report interface descriptions using LMS 3.2

Thanks for the quick response. Neither of the soltuions appears to work. The first uses the actual interface as the name i.e. Gi0/1. The second option also fails I'm not entirrely sure why though, still looking into this. My senario has also moved on a bit, what I need, is to have an up to date copy of a number of switchports configs and extract the configs so that I can apply them to a different switch in a DR senario. I can do this via an automated script outside of LMS, but would really like to be able get the report and extract from LMS.


Re: Report interface descriptions using LMS 3.2

Are all your switches on IOS? Do you have CatOS switches?

If all you need can be found in "show running", maybe you could consider enabling the "shadow directory" (RME - Admin - Config Mgmt - Archive Mgmt - Archive Settings). To quote the online Help: "The Shadow directory can be used as an alternative method to derive the latest configuration information programmatically by using scripts or other means." We use both LMS and home-grown scripts, so as not to be burned by the potential failing of either.

Also, since the goal is DR for switchports, VLAN info (vlan.dat) and the "ip dhcp snooping database" would need to be backed up as well. The former RME does handle. The latter can only be sent to a single host, which isn't very optimal.

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Re: Report interface descriptions using LMS 3.2

Thanks for the tip about the shadow directory. This is just what I needed.

Thanks for all your help.

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