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restore RME.DB ?

I am really in a bind. Supposedly, my rme.db file is corrupted. CiscoWorks no longer has any reference to our 300 routers we maintain. I have stopped the daemons, backed up the existing rme.db file & restored from a backup. Restarted the daemons but no luck. I am unable to retrieve the devices. Cisco tac is telling me without having the inventory file to IMPORT, I am faced with having to (re)input all 300 devices. I find this hard to believe. Why would I need to have the inventory export (CSV format) if I have successful backups taking place? Has anyone run into this issue? Am I relegated to having to input all 300 routers? Lastly, I have a local hosts file that allows the Ciscoworks to ping by a router host name. Is it possible to use a copy of this file to CREATE an import CSV file? What is the format of the file? I suppose I can add a router, export it to see. Do you think that would work?? Thanks in advance. Dan


Re: restore RME.DB ?

Don't know about LMS 2.5, but here's the exported CSV from RME 3.5 (LMS 2.2). Don't know where serial numbers came from; certainly not entered manually.


; This file is generated by the export utility

; If you edit this file, be sure you know what you are doing


Cisco Systems NM data import, source = export utility; Version = 2.0; Type = Csv


; Here are the columns of the table.

; Columns 1 and 2 are required.

; Columns 3 through 19 are optional.

; Col# = 1: Name (including domain or simply an IP)

; Col# = 2: RO community string

; Col# = 3: RW community string

; Col# = 4: Serial Number

; Col# = 5: User Field 1

; Col# = 6: User Field 2

; Col# = 7: User Field 3

; Col# = 8: User Field 4

; Col# = 9; Name = Telnet password

; Col# = 10; Name = Enable password

; Col# = 11; Name = Enable secret

; Col# = 12; Name = Tacacs user

; Col# = 13; Name = Tacacs password

; Col# = 14; Name = Tacacs enable user

; Col# = 15; Name = Tacacs enable password

; Col# = 16; Name = Local user

; Col# = 17; Name = Local password

; Col# = 18; Name = Rcp user

; Col# = 19; Name = Rcp password


; Here are the rows of data.



New Member

Re: restore RME.DB ?

I am actually trying to restore the rme.db and getting nowhere. I have done the following so far:

* /etc/init.d/dmgtd stop

* cd /opt/CSCOpx/databases/rme

* rm rme.db

* rm syslog.db

* rm rme.log (if it exists)

* cp orig/rme.dborig rme.db

* cp orig/syslog.dborig syslog.db

* chown bin:bin rme.db

* chown bin:bin syslog.db

* chmod 400 rme.db

* chmod 400 syslog.db

At this point, I am attempting to run the command with no success. I keep getting the following error"

Restore from backup '/var/cwbkup/92/rme/database' started at: 2006/04/13 18:56:4 0 Please see '/var/adm/CSCOpx/log/restorebackup.log' for status.

ERROR(1249): Cannot find generation in the root backup directory.

Any idea why? I have a valid backup in '/var/cwbkup/92/rme/database', but yet, the restorebackup process fails. I have tried just simply copying the backed up files over to /opt/CSCOpx/databases/rme with no luck.

Anyone have any ideas? This is so frustrating!




Re: restore RME.DB ?

Please provide the exact command you are using to restore the backup.


Re: restore RME.DB ?

Did you use this syntax?

/opt/CSCOpx/bin/perl /opt/CSCOpx/bin/ [-force]* -s rme -d /var/cwbkup/92

*[-force] is optional

New Member

Re: restore RME.DB ?

I finally got it restored using the following syntax:

./ -f -d /var/cwbkup

Thank God

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